Real-Time Payment Information


Whether a payment was tendered last year, last week, yesterday, in the last hour, or in the last minute, you can use the Nexus Reporting module to review the transaction. The Nexus can be customized to display both pending and settled transactions, voids and refunds, and can sort payments by date and time processed. The Nexus can also sort payments by date, by consecutive dates, and by specific times in any given day, including today, up to the present second. If you want to confirm when your constituents have paid electronically, the Nexus is your one-stop-shop.


The intuitive and user-friendly graphs array allows you to analyze payment data visually by slicing the trends into meaningful and straight-forward segments. Your dashboards will show payments by card type, transactions and transaction dollars by day and month, reversal trends, and how your ACH payments stack up to credit cards. Your data is also displayed on an interactive map of cities, counties, and states, so you can see where your payments originate. The darker the map area, the more payments are concentrated there. And with all of our dashboard graphs, mouse-over any data point and you will glean the underlying information. It’s that easy.

Increased Productivity
Secure Data Access


The Nexus provides instant, intuitive reporting at your fingerprints without putting you and your organization in the crosshairs of PCI Compliance requirements. The Nexus will never reveal sensitive personal identifying information for your constituents, nor will it reveal bank account numbers or credit card information. MSB stores payment and sensitive data in our secure server environment where it is encrypted and tokenized. You get all the benefits of fully linked payment reporting without any of the security concerns. That said, the Nexus reporting site is still itself encrypted via SSL to ensure that we have every angle covered. Global secure access so that you can keep an eye on the health of your establishment from anywhere in the world.


Authorized users are able to use any computer with an internet connection, including mobile devices, to access the Nexus from any broadband, wi-fi, or hotspot in the world. Simply connect to the site, enter your login credentials, and you have full access. From wi-fi in a meeting room, a standard Ethernet connection at your desk, or from your tablet on the go. The Nexus is accessible when you need it.

Increased Productivity