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Welcome to the La Plata County Payment Website

Thank you for paying your property taxes on-line. There is a 2.19% convenience fee when using your debit or credit card. However, there is no fee if you pay by e-check. To do this, type in your checking account routing number and your checking account number when prompted to do so. These numbers are on the bottom of your check.
Tax payment deadlines for 2023 are:
First Half: February 28, 2023
Second Half: June 15, 2023
Full Payment: May 1, 2023
Interest accrues after these payment deadlines per the schedule printed on the back of your tax notice. Notices were mailed in late-January. If you did not receive a notice, you may print one on-line, or call the Treasurer’s Office to have one emailed to you, 970-382-6352.

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